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"Glass bead media blasting is the best way to prep your log home."

Media Blasting

Media Blasting

Chink & 


"Chinking and energy seal caulking not only add beauty and character, they also protect your logs."

Chink & Caulk


"Selecting a stain that will give the best color and character to your log home, as well as optimum performance, is an important decision."


Log Repair

"Sometimes it is necessary to remove rotten material from your log home.  In general, moisture is the culprit.  All too often, failing stain is left too long, large cracks and checks are not properly filled, and many times gutters are failing or absent."

Log Repair



"Do you need new cedar or pine log railings? We would love to build them for you!"

Railing Replacement

Pro-Active Maintenance

"Each year your home should be rinsed of pollen and grime.  We use a log wash product with a low-psi application and rinse.  Where needed, we also apply a soft bristle brush to lift heavy film from log surfaces."

Maintenance Program


"Often we are asked to blast decks and railings while we are on the job of restoring a home."


Interior Preservation

"New and existing homes should have a quality interior sealer applied to prevent UV damage and simply for ease of cleaning."

Interior Preservation

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